LIVING LIFE TO THE FULL with Lo-Cal balancer

Essential nutrition for health and well-being, without the calories

- They are prone to being OVERWEIGHT and/or at risk from LAMINITIS
Especially if they receive no other supplementary vitamins and minerals or just get a token handful of a traditional mix or cube
- They AREN’T BEING FED the recommended amount of a mix or cube
Perhaps because they would otherwise get too excitable or too fat!
- They are RESTING or RECUPERATING from illness or injury
Nutrients are essential to aid recovery and maintain good health but calories may not be!

What it is
A low calorie pellet packed with essential nutrients including:
  • Vitamins and Bioplex™ minerals for overall well-being and healthy hoof growth
  • Quality protein for superb muscle tone
  • Yea Sacc1026 for a healthy, efficient gut
Why feed it?
When there’s plenty of grass around or your horse seems to “live on fresh air”, it can make pretty good sense to back off the hard feed or not bother at. However, whilst grass may contain plenty of calories, you can’t be sure about other essential nutrients whose absence or deficiency could mean your horse just isn’t thriving as well as he could be. Crumbly or cracking hooves, a dry, “open” coat and general lack of enthusiasm for work are all signs that your horse or pony may be going short of essential nutrients.
Feeding Lo-Cal balancer can bring you peace of mind by helping provide all the nutrients your horse needs to thrive but without additional calories. Designed to be fed on its own, alongside forage or straight cereals such as oats, or to top up reduced quantities of hard feed, Lo-Cal balancer contains quality protein and an excellent vitamin and mineral profile which includes nutrients that are key to healthy hoof growth. With Yea Sacc1026 yeast culture to stimulate fibre digesting bacteria, Lo-Cal’s nutritional package helps ensure a fully balanced diet for strong hooves, a shiny coat and natural vitality.
I just wanted to thank your company for producing Lo-Cal balancer. This is a reasonably priced product which has done my horse (a 15.2hh Welsh D cob) so much good. Cameo is kept as naturally as possible, out 24 hours a day all year (with a shelter) and fed mainly forage and a high fibre low starch diet. He has been barefoot for 18 months. Cam is a real good doer. One of my biggest concerns was avoiding laminitis. I wanted to feed him a supplement that would make him bursting with health, vitality and condition and would strengthen his hooves, without adding calories! Within several weeks your balancer had worked marvels. He is now much more forward going while remaining calm and responsive at all times. His feet are amazing - my farrier is delighted, not a crack or chip, perfect! He also loves the taste and licks his bucket whereas before he didn't always finish up when I fed a vitamin and mineral supplement. Thank you. I will recommend this product to others.” 
Carolyn Blankfield with Welsh cob, Cameo

REMARKABLE - how cost effective peace of mind can be!
Approximate figures based on a 20kg sack costing around £20
Under 13hh (up to 300kg)                             23p per day
Shetlands, Section As etc
13 – 15hh (300 – 500kg)                               45p per day
Welsh Cobs, Dales etc
Over 15hh (500kg upwards)                         68p per day
ID, Warmbloods etc
1. So that it is ideal for OVERWEIGHT horses or ponies and/or those at risk from LAMINITIS. 
2. So that you can safely add it to reduced quantities of hard feed to ensure a balanced diet. Ideal for working GOOD DOERS and fizzy PERFORMANCE HORSES.
3. To make it a concentrated formula which can be added to a chaff of your choice as a cost effective alternative to complete fibre feeds or fortified chaffs.

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